OMC offers a Global platform to all competitors of the beauty sector to become World champions in their own field among competitors from the 5 continents. OMC is the largest professional hairstylists’ organization in the world with over 50 Member countries and over 1 million Individual Members worldwide, existing since 1946. The World Organization is represented by a Board of Directors. omc@omchairworld.com

Salvatore Fodera
Chairman OMC & OMC Hairworld

Gianni Fodera
OMC World President

Carmelo Gugliotti
OMC Vice President

Vincent Fodera
OMC Hairworld CEO
& Marketing Director

Raphael Perrier
OMC Global Director – Education

Irina Baranova
E. E. Zone President

Nayana Karunaratne
Asia Zone President

Peter Cardon
AM Zone President

Elio Vassena
C. E. Zone President

Andrzej Matracki
W.E. Zone President

Salvatore FODERA, Founder, Chairman of OMC & OMC HAIRWORLD BRANDS     

Salvatore FODERA, OMC World President   2004 to 2020.

Gianni FODERA, OMC World President since 2021

OAI Past Presidents
1998 to 2004 Salvatore FODERA -U.S.A.
1994 to 1998 Arild MARTINSEN -NORWAY
1959 to 1994 Xavier WENGER – GREAT BRITAIN
1958 to 1959 Joschi MELKUS -AUSTRIA
1956 to 1958 Albert BUHLER- HOLLAND
1954 to 1956 John BOUDOU- GREAT BRITAIN

CIC Past Presidents
1996 to 2004 Pierre SEASSARI – FRANCE
1978 to 1996 Ferdinand LEIBUNDGUT – SWITZERLAND
1958 to 1978 Albert BUHLER – HOLLAND
1946 to 1957 François LUYCKX – BELGIUM
1946 Marcel LAMY Founder- FRANCE