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Registration deadline august 15. 2024

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Ladies Cut & Style (Live Model):
Showcase the elegance, sophistication, and creativity in women’s hairstyling.

Gents Cut & Style (Live Model):
Display your skill in crafting trendy, stylish, and modern men’s hairstyles.

Make-Up (Live Model):
Demonstrate your ability to enhance natural beauty with contemporary makeup techniques.


One Entry Per Competitor:
Each artist is allowed to submit only one photo per category.

Fashionable Finish:
Your submission should not only be innovative but also wearable and in line with current fashion trends.

Color Creativity:
All contemporary hair colors are welcome, providing a wide palette for your creativity.

Avant-Garde Restriction :
To maintain focus on contemporary and practical styles, avant-garde looks are not permitted.

Live Model Requirement:
All entries must be performed on live models to showcase your ability to translate vision into reality.

Participation is simple. Fill out the Global Artist of the Year entry form below and upload a high-quality photo of your completed look. Make sure your entry adheres to the category requirements and showcases your unique artistic vision.

The winner of each category will be crowned as a segment of the 2024 Global Artist of the Year will receive worldwide recognition. The 2nd & 3rd place will receive the opportunities to collaborate with leading brands and artists worldwide.

Award Announcement:
OMC GLOBAL AWARDS – MCB Show Stage Hall 1, Porte de Versailles Expo Oct. 12, 2024 Paris.

Are you ready to showcase your unique talent and creativity to the world? It’s time to step into the spotlight and make your mark as the GLOBAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2024! Your poster will capture the essence and promotes your participation in this prestigious event.This is your platform to showcase your passion and dedication to your craft.

Upload your photo now and let us help you make a statement that will leave the world in awe. Together, let’s make the GLOBAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2024 an inspiration!

The registration fees for the Global Artist of the Year event are $200 for members and $300 for non-members.

Entries will be evaluated by an esteemed panel of industry professionals, focusing on creativity, technique, execution, and alignment with contemporary fashion trends.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out, shine on a global stage, and become the next Global Artist of the Year. Your artistry has the power to inspire, influence, and transform.

Enter now and let the world see your vision!

2025 OMC Prestige Club Global Collection: The best photos of the 2024 Global Artist of the Year will be featured in the collection.

Join the conversation:

OMC Prestige Collection

Irina Baranova – OMC Prestige Club President

IRINA is the Co-founder of the OMC PRESTIGE CLUB. Annually together with the OMC Prestige Club Artistic Team their create the Fall / Winter Collections for all OMC members worldwide. Currently she is the President of the OMC Eastern Europe Zone as well as one of the prominent OMC international Educator and owner on multiple Salons.

Salvatore Fodera – OMC Hairworld Chairman / Founder

SALVATORE has created all that OMC offers, Educational Programs, Jury seminar, Competition rules. He is the person who has built OMC from only 3 categories tests to the present 30 different categories in Hair, Aesthetics and Nails. Salvatore, beginning his career when he was only 12 years old in Sicily. He has won multiple national and international competitions, including the Individual and team OMC World Cup. His passion for the profession and organization has brought OMC and OMC HAIRWORLD, to where it is today over 60 affiliated countries worldwide and still growing.


Embrace Your Creativity. Transform Artistry. Ignite the World. Open to all Professional Hair & Beauty worldwide.

Welcome to the prestigious Global Artist of the Year Award 2024, a celebration of remarkable talent, vision, and artistry in the world of hair and makeup.

This year, we invite you, the innovators, the trendsetters, the dreamers, to share your artistic endeavors with an international audience and compete for the coveted title of 2024 Global Artist of the Year.

* Illustrations on the flyers are for inspiration purpose only. Not for the intention of replication.



Joining OMC has been a game-changer for my career. The exposure, learning, and networking opportunities are unparalleled.

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OMC´s educational ressources have significantly refined my skills and broadened my horizons in the hairdressing industry.

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