About OMC – Organisation Mondiale Coiffure

Welcome to OMC
The Pinnacle of Global Hairdressing Excellence

At Organization Mondiale Coiffure (OMC), we are proud to stand as the worlds foremost authority in the hairdressing and beauty industry. Established in 1946 in Lyon, France, OMC represents the pinnacle of global excellence in hair, nails, and esthetics. With members across 50 countries, we are a dynamic and diverse community dedicated to elevating the art and science of hairdressing.

Our Legacy and Mission

OMC was born out of a vision to unite hairdressers worldwide, fostering an environment of creativity, learning, and professional growth. Our mission is to elevate the profession, expand OMC’s presence globally, and provide unparalleled education, training, and certification programs. We organize and promote the prestigious OMC HAIRWORLD – the World Championship of Beauty, which is the apex of international competitions in our field. “ COMPERED TO THE HAIR OLIMPICS”

Educational Excellence

Our educational initiatives, led by the esteemed OMC Travelling Academy and the distinguished OMC World Artistic Team, deliver top-tier training to hair professionals worldwide. These comprehensive programs, such as the Global Certification, Look & Learn Master Class, and the exclusive OMC X-TREME – The Champion course, are meticulously crafted to enrich your expertise with global perspectives and innovative techniques.

Cultivating Champions

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in our competitive spirit. OMC International Competitions, including the Fashion and Technical Categories, showcase the talents of hairdressers who strive for perfection. These competitions are more than a contest of skill – they are a celebration of artistic expression, discipline, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


A Future Built on Excellence

As we move forward, OMC continues to innovate, inspire, and lead. We are not just shaping the future of hairdressing; we are creating a global community where excellence is a habit, creativity knows no bounds, and every hairdresser can achieve their full potential.

Join us in our journey to global excellence.
Be part of OMC – where the art of hairdressing transcends boundaries.



Joining OMC has been a game-changer for my career. The exposure, learning, and networking opportunities are unparalleled.

Maria J.
Professional Member

OMC´s educational ressources have significantly refined my skills and broadened my horizons in the hairdressing industry.

Alex K.
Student Member