What is Hairworld

OMC HAIRWORLD is the produser of OMC WORLD CUP, partecipants stylist, beautician, and nail artist from the 5 continents take part in the thse spectacular championship.Expert jurors, with meticulously knowledge and experience evaluate the competitors, work ensuring that the highest standards of excellence are upheld. The competition serves as a true testament to the talent and dedication of professionals in the beauty industry, as they and demonstrate their mastery of the craft.


Winning awards at HairWorld is a pinnacle achievement for hairstylists and beauty professionals, signifying exceptional skill, creativity, and dedication to pushing artistic expression in hair design. The competition, known for its global scale and strict judging standards, attracts talents worldwide, making victory a testament to the highest craftsmanship. Whether excelling in avant-garde styles, precision cutting, or innovative color techniques, recipients of HairWorld awards join an elite cadre of industry leaders, gaining recognition for transforming hair into works of art.