World-Class Hair and Beauty Education

The Heart of Hairdressing Excellence.

we are dedicated to empowering hairdressers
and beauty professionals with world-class education and training. As the
educational arm of Organization Mondiale Coiffure, the OMC Hairworld
Academy encapsulates the essence of OMC’s commitment to nurturing talent,
fostering innovation, and shaping the future of the beauty industry.

Diverse Educational Programs
Our comprehensive range of educational programs is meticulously designed
to cater to all aspects of hairdressing and beauty. Whether you are Hairstylist,
a seasoned professional, or a salon owner, OMC Academy offers a variety of
courses and workshops to enhance your skills and elevate your craft.

Global Learning with the OMC World Artistic Team
Learn from the best in the business with our OMC World Artistic Team.
Comprising internationally acclaimed educators and stylists in
Hair- Aesthetics and Nails.

OMC HAIRWORLD ACADEMY offers online courses, or they can bring their
expertise right to your doorstep. From the latest trends in cutting and coloring to
advanced techniques in hair styling and beauty, our Global educational courses
cover it all.

Programs Tailored for Excellence

OMC Global Certifications online or onsite:
Elevate your professional credentials with our globally recognized certification

OMC Look & Learn Master Class:
A one-day intensive seminar offering a deep dive into cutting-edge hairdressing

OMC Train the Trainers:
Designed for educators, this program equips you with the skills to train future
champions in hairdressing.

OMC Online Juror examination:
Learn the latest world-class categories and become an OMC Certified Judge.

OMC X-TREME – The Champion:
A unique program focusing on mastering 4 champions Exercises. Called the
OMC Champions Method. key skills to excel in both competitions and salon
environments. The choice is yours.

Globalize Your Skills
OMC Academy’s courses are not just about learning new techniques; they are
about embracing a global perspective. With participants and educators from
around the world, our programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to network,
share ideas, and gain a global outlook on the ever-evolving world of hairdressing
and beauty.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning
At OMC HAIRWORLD ACADEMY, we believe in lifelong learning and continuous
professional development. Our courses are regularly updated to reflect the latest
trends, techniques, and industry standards, ensuring that you stay ahead in the
dynamic world of hairdressing and beauty.

Embark on your journey to excellence with OMC HAIRWORLD
ACADEMY – where education meets innovation, and where every
stylist gets a chance to shine.



Joining OMC has been a game-changer for my career. The exposure, learning, and networking opportunities are unparalleled.

Maria J.
Professional Member

OMC´s educational ressources have significantly refined my skills and broadened my horizons in the hairdressing industry.

Alex K.
Student Member