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Your affiliated OMC organization President will provide you with your registration code.

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The Registration Fee $400 per Category is Now Open until March 15th

Open to OMC Members: Showcase Your Talent on an International Platform!
Dive into Diversity: Compete in Any of the 14 Dynamic Categories.
Easy Online Registration: Begin Your Journey to Glory at omchairworld.com.

Your Moment Awaits: Entry Window: Seize Your Chance from March. 1, 2024.
Judged by the Best: Expert OMC Jurors Awaiting Your Masterpiece.
Ultimate Recognition: of the Coveted Continents Cup Winners.

Ladies Section on MH

Gents Section on MH

Aesthetics on Live Model





  • Competitors can register and pay online directly.
  • All competitors must have their organization countries code # in order to register.
  • Competitors must abide by the OMC Inspiration Guidelines 2024.
  • Winning Photos of past championships will be disqualified.
  • All Ladies & Gents Hair section tests are presented on Mannequin Head
  • Suggested photo background: Black or White.
  • Identical use of Photo: Forbidden for competitors to use identical photos of other competitors from their own country or other countries.
  • All Participants Photos: Automatically become the property of OMC copyrights.
  • Hair Section: A competitor must upload 4 single photos. 1front view – 1side view –1back view – 1back view showing the mannequin head company logo.
  • Mannequins Head: Must be purchased only from the OMC 4 Official Sponsors: Pivot Point – YY Hair – Calcagni –Jinda Hair. Any Mannequin Head with sticker of a non-official sponsor company will be Disqualified!
  • Aesthetics Section: A competitor must upload 2 photos: front view. 1 with closed eyes – 1with open eyes.
  • Eyebrow Shaping: A competitor must upload 2 photos: 1before -1after.
  • Nail Section: A competitor must upload 2 photos-  I front view -1 side view .
  • Judging OMC Professional Jurors: Will judge all tests of the OMC CONTINENTS CUP. All countries jurors who have send their juror form, if they qualified, they will be invited to a zoom meeting to view the professional jurors judging the categories of the online OMC Continents Cup. All Jurors will receive a Jury Diploma by electronically mail.
  • Online Championships / Individual Awards
    The first-place winner will receive the OMC CONTINENTAL CUP. The 2nd to 6th Place will receive a virtual Diploma with images of the Cup. All participants will receive a participation diploma by electronical mail.
  • OMC Competition Advisory Board
    OMC advisory board, at its absolute discretion, may disqualify any entries made by a participant, if the Board suspect any fraud.